2017 Annual Business Awards - Nominations Closed for 2017

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Volunteer Committees

The Yarmouth and Area Chamber of Commerce has several working committees, staffed by member volunteers. If you are interested in more information regarding, or serving on one of the following committees, please contact the Chamber Office or the Committee Chairs.

Transportation Committee

Chair: David Harris
Robert Waite
Chris Atwood
Ian McNichol


  1. Study the current transportation infrastructure linking Yarmouth to the US and the rest of the province
  2. Meet with key Stakeholders
  3. Develop a list of deficiencies and recommendations going forward
  4. Advocate for change where needed
  5. Help businesses do business in a connected community

For more information on this committee, please contact David Harris or the Chamber office.

AGM Committee

Chair: Neil Rogers
Mike LeBlanc
Gloria Banks

Purpose: The AGM Committee is responsible for organizing the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting program, including the guest speaker, agenda, and meal. For more information on this committee, please contact Neil Rogers or the Chamber office.

Technology Committee

Chair: Michael LeBlanc
Robert Waite
Mark Davis
Jack Spurr

Purpose: The purpose of the Information Technology Committee is to raise the profile of our Chamber and its members through social media, e-commerce, and web based initiatives.  The IT Committee also serves as the lead consultant for ensuring the Chamber office is running as efficiently as possible through the effective use of technology.
For more information on this committee, contact Michael LeBlanc or the Chamber office.

Human Resources Committee

Chair: Greg Barro
Chris Atwood
Gloria Banks

Purpose: The Human Resources committee is responsible for ensuring the Chamber has professional human resources and competitive compensation policies and practices in place. They are responsible for the hiring, firing, annual reviews of staff and handle any staff issues that may arise.

For more information on this committee, please contact Greg Barro or the Chamber office.

Finance Committee

Chair: Mike LeBlanc
Chris Atwood
Neil Rogers
Greg Barro
Angie Greene

Purpose: The Finance Committee is responsible for establishing the annual budget, setting financial goals, investment strategy decisions, ensuring quality controls are in place and to make recommendations to the Board on all finance and personnel matters.

For more information on this committee, please contact Michael LeBlanc or the Chamber office.

Marketing and Promotions Committee

Chair: Loretta Davis
James Rose
Linda Deveau
Mark Davis
Linda Sutton
Danny Reid

Purpose: The purpose of the Marketing and Promotions Committee is to raise the profile of the Chamber and our members, and provide meaningful opportunities for expanding and enhancing our business networks. The fundraising committee also is responsible for delivery of our educational and professional development programs.
For more information on this committee, please contact Loretta Davis or the Chamber office.

Fundraising Committee

Co-Chair: Danny Reid/Garth Davis

Purpose: The Fundraising committee develops the fundraising strategy for the year and organizes specific fundraising initiatives over and above the Awards Banquet in order to provide operational funds to the Chamber.

For more information on this committee, please contact Danny Reid, Garth Davis or the Chamber office.


Annual Business Awards Committee

Co-Chairs: Lisa Habib/Tish Muise
Chris Atwood
Danny Reid
Garth Davis
Rachelle d’Entremont
Kerry Muise

The purpose of the Annual Business Awards Committee is to make this signature event the highlight of the Chamber’s year. The Chamber uses the Awards Banquet to showcase and celebrate our communities finest; representing the top businesses and individuals in such areas as customer service, exporting, community involvement, and growth. It is our most important fundraiser and largest celebration.