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Hearing Health Care Unit of Southwest Nova Limited

Yarmouth Chamber Corner

Get to know one of our long-term members, Sheila Nichols of Hearing Health Care Unit of Southwest Nova Limited!

What does your business provide?

We provide hearing assessments, hearing aids (and repairs), custom ear plugs, special devices for hearing, DVA and WCB hearing services, home visits, nursing home visits, ear cleaning and referrals to doctors as needed. We believe that our community deserves the best hearing health care and every day we strive to meet this standard.

What made you want to start your Business?

I started my own business so I could provide hearing aids that would be suitable for every individual client. When we work for large corporations, we have limited options for providing hearing aids.

When did you join the Chamber of Commerce & how have we helped?

I joined the Yarmouth and Area Chamber of Commerce when I opened my business, 10 years ago. The health plan for small businesses has been a bonus as well as special discounts offered to members and educational seminars. I have always appreciated being kept informed about Government and business issues.

How can your Business be reached?

My Business can be reached by phone at 902-742-7835, through our website, and through email at hearinghealth(at)ns(dot)aliantzinc(dot)ca