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Yarmouth Chamber Corner

Meet Chamber Member Josie Ruddy Toland! She’s been with us since June 2017 year and is passionate about helping people with their health and wealth through her business JuicePlus. We wanted to get to know her and JuicePlus better, so we asked some questions:

What is JuicePlus?

JuicePlus is concentrated fruits and vegetables in different forms – capsules, gummies (for kids) and shakes. JuicePlus bridges the gap from what we are eating and what we should be eating. You also have the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables all year long with their Tower Garden – a vertical growing system!

How has the Chamber of Commerce helped your business?

The Chamber helped me get my name out and has presented me with a lot of Networking opportunities.

View more on JuicePlus here:

View more on the Tower Garden here:


You can contact Josie via Facebook, by phone @ 780-999-9726 or her website @