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Investing in our members.

Below is a list of potential courses that your Chamber is offering to our members, between now and the end of 2017.

In order to proceed, each course requires a minimum of 6 attendees and a maximum of 12.  Courses are offered on a first come, first serve basis, and your business can send multiple attendees.

Your cost – a nominal $25 non-refundable fee per course is required to hold your seat.  The balance of the cost is subsidized by your Chamber. Payment is due only when the registration process is completed. 

By selecting a course, your contact information will be sent to the Chamber. Each course will be offered as a one-night course (6pm to 9pm) at NSCC Burridge.  Dates to be coordinated with participants.

The courses are...

Excel & PowerPoint
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Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel
Compile data in user friendly spreadsheets to aid in analysis. Learn quick methods to use formulas, set up efficient and eye-pleasing spreadsheets, sort, search, filter and effectively present your data in chart form. This course will also touch on more advanced features such as pivot tables and basic Macros but only as a way of showing the potential of the program. More time is needed to train with these functions.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Learn tips and tricks to creating a professional presentation using templates or by creating your own. Learn how to add graphics, import pictures and backgrounds and coordinate your slides to match the rhythm of your presentation.

Microsoft Word & Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Word
Word is a powerful application to compose a variety of communications. Learn tips and tricks to help you format your communications, insert logos and WordArt, organize layouts, use bullets and numbering, format and become familiar with templates that may save you time in the future. Also learn how to create labels, use other mailing features and password protect your documents.

Microsoft Visio
Create flowcharts, network diagrams, organizational charts, floor plans and engineering designs using this powerful program. Gain efficiency by becoming aware of the many templates that the software offers to save you time and kick start your diagrams.

Microsoft Publisher & Microsoft Access

Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application, emphasizing page layout and design rather than Word’s emphasis on text and proofing. Learn how this program may benefit your endeavours with the ability to create posters and other marketing items.

Microsoft Access
Learn how to create a customized database for your business. Microsoft Access allows users to view data in pre-set formats and provides reports that are used on a regular basis without the need to learn programming code.

Microsoft OneNote & Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OneNote
OneNote is a digital notebook. Think about your old school binder. This program allows you to sort and organize your notes by topic and even share them with other people. Learn the potential of this program.

Microsoft Outlook
More than just an inbox. Are you using all of the features of this powerful organizational tool? Learn tips and tricks of searching, sorting and archiving e-mails, using calendar features like reminders, invites and sharing with others, accumulating and sharing Contacts and discussing methods to prevent getting bogged down with e-mail overload.

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