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Register for a Free Professional Development Course!

The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to partner with the Province of Nova Scotia to offer our members free professional development courses!

Check out these 2 courses starting in January 2024:

Performance Management with Lisette Jones (Registration is now closed for Performance Management as the course is full)

Wednesdays 9:00am-1:00pm | Starting January 17th 2024 for 10 weeks

The intention of this program is to provide you with a general overview and understanding of the role of performance management as an integral function of HR in your company – whether you have one or 50 employees. In addition to laying the foundation for a performance management system, the program will provide knowledge, tools and templates for engaging your employees, and applying coaching techniques to support your team in being the best they can be.

Learning Outcomes:
•Identify the core components of performance management
•Identify the four learning styles
•Explain how learning styles impact performance
•Manage performance logs
•Create a process for checking in with employees
•Conduct stay interviews
•Developing SMART performance goals
•Identify when and how to provide the three main forms of feedback
•Explain the three feedback triggers
•Illustrate the J Curve
•Design performance appraisals tools
•Identify the steps in progressive discipline
•Manage common performance issues
•Define the fundamentals of coaching
•List the elements in asking the right questions
•Compare and contrast facilitating versus directing a team’s direction
•Compare and contrast strategic questioning techniques and identify when to apply each

Customer Service Excellence with Lisa Olie

Mondays 9:00am-1:00pm | Starting January 15th 2024 for 10 weeks

This program creates the opportunity for you to provide the best experience possible for your customers. You will explore key elements of customer service standards, gain clarity on your customers’ expectations, study the seven types of challenging customers, and learn how to navigate difficult customer situations.

You will explore in-person, telephone and online/email customer interactions in various business settings to help you analyze your current customer experience and develop customer service strategies tailored to your business. You will learn techniques to improve internal customer service to help make you a better customer to your suppliers and business community.

These 10 week courses are free, customized to your needs, and provincially certified, with a value in excess of $1,500 per person.

Seats are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Classes will be virtual so you must have a computer with a webcam to interact properly.


  • Must be an owner or employee of a business based in Nova Scotia
  • Be willing to complete detailed registration form
  • In order to graduate you must attend 80% of classes

To Register

Complete the registration form and email it to or call the office at 902-742-3074