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CCC – 30 Simple Tax Policy Changes

Canadian Chamber reveals 30 simple changes in tax policy to help Canadians and businesses through COVID


(OTTAWA) – December 8, 2020 –After years of calling on the federal government to conduct a full review of the tax system, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce took matters into its own hands to explore tax reform options. Today it revealed the early results.

“Reforming Canada’s tax system can help the economy recover, and our tax panel experts have provided some initial steps that can be taken right now. Canadians and the businesses employing them need our government to build a competitive and growth-focused tax system, because any true recovery must, and inevitably will, be led by business,” said Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

After consultations with a broad mix of Canadians, businesses and tax practitioners on how to harness Canada’s tax system to foster job retention and growth, the Canadian Chamber is sharing what its panel heard  is needed now.

While a more comprehensive report to be published early next year will set out ideas for long-term structural reform, the Canadian Chamber is releasing 30 specific recommendations for the government to enact now to help Canada recover from the pandemic’s impact.

“There are many small, simple actions the federal government can take right now that together will go a long way to helping Canadians and businesses cope with the pandemic’s economic fallout,” said Patrick Gill, Senior Director of Tax and Financial Policy for the Canadian Chamber. “There’s no reason the government can’t use tax policy as a lever to create better business conditions today to spur a faster recovery tomorrow. While it may be still too early to move forward with more far-reaching structural tax reform, Canada  can’t afford to let its tax system keep falling behind its G7 competitors.”

The Chamber’s simple tax reform suggestions to help Canadians and businesses include:

Support Canadians by:

  • Automating filing for simple returns
  • Enhancing the deduction for childcare
  • Simplifying the work-space-in-the-home deduction
  • Improving the use of electronic communications, includingthe broader use of email and permitting documents to be electronically attached to filings.

Support small employers by:

  • Introducing a temporary GST/HST holiday to spur local purchases
  • Demonstrating continued leniency with small business audits during the pandemic
  • Simplifying rules around income-splitting with children
  • Removing tax disincentives that arise on the sale of a small business to family members.

Support large employers by:

  • Processing work-space-in-the-home deductions without a T2200 form
  • Deferring the CRA’s right to collect disputed tax amounts
  • Increasing deductibility on capital expenditures in the year incurred
  • Accelerating the ability to turn tax losses into cash.

“As political leaders consider their next steps to foster recovery and prosperity post COVID-19, they would be well advised to consider the aggregate voices of everyday Canadians, tax experts and business leaders captured in the Canadian Chamber’s independent review,” said Dr. Trevin Stratton, Chief Economist and VP of Policy for the Canadian Chamber.

To review all 30 recommendations, click here.

The roundtables were conducted between August and November 2020, with over 450 participants. A panel of leading tax and business experts helped inform The Canadian Chamber’s tax review process. For more information about the Canadian Chamber’s independent tax review, visit

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Change in Member Dues

Dear Chamber Members,

This past year has certainly been a roller coaster and we know that 2021 is full of unknowns, but through it all we continue to stand beside you ready to provide assistance and advice. With our partners we have strongly lobbied governments on your behalf to provide programs and assistance that would actually help and we have seen them make meaningful changes based on our advice. We will continue to do this moving forward and I encourage you to reach out to us with suggestions and input as this pandemic continues to play out. 

As we move into 2021 and a new membership year, we saw the opportunity to bring about a change in our membership structure in order to provide more value to you. We are officially moving away from charging based on the number of employees you have as this is an out-dated method. Instead our membership fees will be based on the benefits that you receive. Along with this change we have put in place a small increase in fees, the first time in many years. 

Going forward the Yarmouth & Area Chamber of Commerce will now have six different membership levels for businesses which will be called; basic, essentials, connect, growth, influence and champion. Each of these levels offers a different set of benefits and I encourage you to read the membership brochure to see all of the details. During this transition our current members will be moved into the equivalent new membership level based on what you are paying now. This transition is laid out below.

New Membership Level

Old Membership Level

Basic Fewer than 5 employees
Essentials Between 5 and 20
Connect Between 21 and 50
Growth 51 or more

Our new influence and champion level have no equivalent in our past structure. 

Individual and student memberships will transition to the basic level.

You will see renewal invoices emails come to your email Monday morning. Please keep an eye out. You can pay online and also make changes to your membership levels. If you have any issues with this please reach out.

I know this change will bring about many questions and I invite you to first check out our website and then call or email us with your questions. We have also created a membership FAQ page on our website which we will continue to update with answers to questions we receive.



Rick Allwright

Executive Director