Rick Allwright

Executive Director



Tracy Auten

Executive Assistant


Nancy Ellis

Community Navigator


Our Board of Directors

President: Connor Adams - Tri-Star Industries
1st Vice President: Danny Reid - RBC
2nd Vice President: Michael LeBlanc - CIBC
Treasurer: Julie Walters - Pathfinder Bookkeeping
Secretary: Gloria Banks - Grant Thornton
Past President: Kerry Muise - DK Muise Ltd.

At Large:

Ian McNicol - Garian Construction

Jamie Vacon - Legal Council

Lisa Habib - Jake's Family Diner

Mary Thompson - NSCC Burridge

Matthew Trask - Remacon Holdings

Neil Rogers - Desjardins Financial Security

Sheridan Lawrence - Let’s Print It! Ltd.

Tara Winchester - Yarmouth South Red and White



Honorary Members

Loretta Davis - Sentinel Printing
Irene d'Entremont - ITG Information Managment
John Cunningham - Warden of the Municipality of Yarmouth
Danny Muise - Warden of the District of Argyle
Pamela Mood - Mayor of the Town of Yarmouth
Jim Greig - Past Executive Director

The Honourable Zach Churchill - Member of the Legislative Assembly

The Honourable Colton Leblanc - Member of the Legislative Assembly

The Honourable Chris d’Entremont - Member of Parliament