Rick Allwright

Executive Director

Tracy Auten

Executive Assistant

Rebecca Rose

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Our Board of Directors

President: Kerry Muise - N Hurlburt Construction
1st Vice President: Connor Adams – Ocean Pride Fisheries
2nd Vice President: Michael LeBlanc – CIBC
Treasurer: Connor Adams – Tri-Star Industries
Secretary: Gloria Banks – Grant Thornton
Past President: Angela Greene - Conrad Cushing Bain

At Large:

Neil Rogers - Desjardins Financial Security

Mary Thompson - NSCC Burridge

Ian McNicol - Garian Construction

Sheridan Lawrence- Let’s Print It! Ltd

Danny Reid - RBC

Tara Winchester - Yarmouth South Red and White

Lisa Habib - Jakes Family Diner

Jamie Vacon - Individual


Honorary Members

Loretta Davis - Sentinel Printing
Irene d'Entremont, ITG Information Managment
John Cunningham, Warden of the Municipality of Yarmouth
Danny Muise, Warden of the District of Argyle
Pamela Mood, Mayor of the Town of Yarmouth
Jim Greig, Past Executive Director

The Honourable Zach Churchill, Member of the Legislative Assembly

The Honourable Colton Leblanc, Member of the Legislative Assembly

The Honourable Chris d’Entremont, Member of Parliament