Rebecca Cassidy Rose

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As community navigator, I will get to showcase our local communities and all we have to offer to medical professionals looking to set up or move their practice here.

It is an opportunity to connect newcomers with established members of our community, contributing to high levels of feeling connected and valued. And I will have opportunities to connect with our current medical professionals, making sure that they know they are valued and offering what assistance I can to promote a long, happy and healthy career here.

If you'd like you know more about my position and background, please read this post.

The main actions

  • identifying and attending recruiting events
  • Supporting Nova Scotia Health Authority recruiters by facilitating local tours of interested Doctors
  • Liaising with key hospital based Nova Scotia Health Authority employees on Navigator activities
  • Creation and organization of social events to support social interaction between current physicians residents and medical students rotating through our facility
  • Development and support of recruitment initiatives as identified by Dalhousie University Medical School
  • Development of contacts and initiatives to support local students interested in medical careers
  • Establishing and maintaining current lists of local individuals either studying or practicing medicine elsewhere, connecting with them and being accessible to provide whatever support, information or resources they may be interested in concerning our community and medical culture
  • Support, engagement and information input where appropriate to support the development of a housing structure purchased locally and given to the Yarmouth and Area Chamber of Commerce. This project will be developed and operate to assist with medical learner and resident housing issues. In this case, a large residence was purchased by the local Costal Financial Credit Union with the understanding that the Yarmouth and Area Chamber of Commerce and Community Navigator will be responsible for the operation of this property
  • Continual positive social presence concerning doctor recruitment
  • Support of Dalhousie Family Medical Education Leader and Residency Program Site Administrator  in any identified ways such as planning and implementation of social and educational events involving Family Medicine Interest Group
Community Navigation

• Housing support for new physicians to our area such as providing information on rental options, explaining the Nova Scotia Rent and Tenancies Act, being present during site viewing if requested.
• Identifying and providing ways in which incoming physicians, both national and international, need to be supported to facilitate a smooth transition of them and their family to our community. This may include transportation to and from the airport and around the community, utilities set up, obtaining Drivers licenses etc.
• Identification of local resources ( groceries, recreational activities)
• Identification/ explaining local customs and traditions
• Satisfying child centric needs (school tours, curriculum based meetings, weather appropriate clothing, child care)
• Connections to employment based resources for spouses
• Support of Dalhousie Medical Residents locally in some or all of the above listed ways

Measuring Outcomes

• Monthly and quarterly reporting to stakeholders.
• Financial management of budget
• Gathering of relevant metrics
• Development of social media promotional tools

"Rebecca Cassidy Rose, with her skills, connections and work ethic, will be a huge asset and we look forward to working with her to get our community back to where we need to be in terms of physician staffing. I'm sure she'll have the respect and help of the public as we reach out to the community.”

- Harold Cook, chair of the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation and a member of the Oversight Committee