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Meet Our New Community Navigator

As a stakeholder in the The Yarmouth Region Medical Professional Recruitment Partnership, the Yarmouth & Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Nancy Ellis as our new Community Navigator for Physician Recruitment and Retention. Nancy brings a wealth of experience and community connections to the role and is eager to share her passion for Southwest Nova Scotia with the medical professionals currently practicing in our community and those who are interested in calling the Yarmouth Region home. The Community Navigator program was established more than 4 years ago as a response to the loss of physicians being experienced across the province. As our Community Navigator, Nancy will serve as an important resource to help medical professionals feel welcomed and supported so that they can enjoy a long and happy career in the Tri-Counties.

Nancy Ellis, Community Navigator for Physician Recruitment & Retention

Nancy was born and raised in Nova Scotia, but moved to Yarmouth a decade ago. She explains that receiving a warm welcome in her chosen community helped her feel at home. “Having moved to Yarmouth nearly 10 years ago, I was also once a newcomer myself. I experienced first-hand the difference it can make having someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart help you make connections, meet new friends, sharing the best places to go for services, and introducing you to local activities and sights. I am excited to be a trusted resource for medical learners, physicians, and other medical professionals who are looking to call Southwestern Nova Scotia home. It is easy to see, through our community’s attractions and people, that this beautiful coastal area is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Nancy is familiar with the healthcare struggles that rural communities face and sees her new role as an exciting opportunity to make an impact. “My past involvement with community groups, events, the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, and the Chamber of Commerce coupled with my own family’s medical struggles have given me the perspective and awareness of how important it is to do whatever we can collectively and as individuals to help increase the number of medical professionals in our community and to support the efforts of this medical recruitment partnership.”

We are very pleased to welcome Nancy Ellis to the Medical Recruitment Partnership. Her experience in marketing and her wonderful working relationship with the community at large will hep to build on the successes of the past 5 years in our Physician Recruitment journey. – Kerry Muise, Chair of the Community Navigator Oversight Committee

Nancy hosted a seafood dinner celebrating local cuisine for physicians, medical learners and their families at Beaux Vendredis.

Supporting a strong healthcare system is an on-going effort that takes teamwork and Nancy is up to the task. “It is also clear to me that the Community Navigator role is not just held by one person, but is a support network of the community as a whole. Since the inception of this program, seeing people rally together, moving towards one common goal, and the achievements so far, has been inspiring and would not be possible without each and every person in our community doing their part to help! As the saying goes “it takes a village”, and I am honored to be a part of this “village” we call Yarmouth and the team that is working to serve the Tri-Counties in Southwestern Nova Scotia.”

Nancy at Le Village Historique Acadien where our physicians learned more about the Acadien culture that makes our community so unique!

Welcome to the team Nancy!

Medical Learner Housing Project Getting Underway

New Building to be Constructed to House Medical Residents and Students

(Yarmouth, NS: January 7, 2021) The Board of Directors of Coastal Financial Credit Union with the support of the Yarmouth and Area Chamber of Commerce are moving forward with the housing project they have been planning at 30 Vancouver Street, Yarmouth Nova Scotia. After much effort to make the current structure work to address the housing needs of medical learners, the organizations determined that the current building will be replaced by a new facility. 

“The new building will fit very nicely in the neighborhood while complementing the lot and maintaining the current landscaping as much as possible,” says Kerry Muise, Vice-President of the Yarmouth & Area Chamber of Commerce.  She went on to say, “the existing structure is old, and while stately from the outside, the cost of renovating far outweighs the costs of new construction.” They say that another consideration was the ongoing maintenance and operating costs of the building in the long term. 

“I am very pleased with this decision; after months of work, doing our due diligence, we have determined that this is the best decision for the purpose and for our community,” says Rick Doucette, CEO of Coastal Financial Credit Union. The Credit Union, as owner of the property, will largely fund this project. The Chamber will operate the facility helping attract medical residents and students to the area. Doucette says, “I am super excited to now see this project move quickly ahead.”

The Chamber and Credit Union say that addressing housing issues for medical learners is key to assisting recruitment efforts. While several businesses, such as Garian Construction, Co-operators Insurance, and Bramac Plumbing have already donated considerable time and efforts to this project, Muise says, “help from the community will still be needed.”

Demolition is scheduled to take place this month and the drawings for the new building will go to tender soon. The Credit Union has hired Lloyd MacDougall, Certified Project Manager, to oversee this project. Lloyd can be contacted via the Chamber office if companies or individuals wish to contribute to this worthwhile project. 

“Having housing for incoming Resident Doctors and Medical Students is a huge advantage in the recruitment world,” says Rebecca Rose, Community Navigator. Rose says, “this will be a key recruitment tool in the near future.” She said that currently approximately 25% of her time is dedicated to finding housing and a large part of the Community Navigator budget as well. Doucette says, “in addition, this will also free up other rental spaces for local residents and ultimately this is a win-win for everyone and I can’t wait to cut the ribbon at 30 Vancouver Street next fall!”