WayPoint Acupuncture Interview

Yarmouth Chamber Corner – Get to know one of our members, Stephen Arnold from WayPoint Acupuncture!

What does your business provide?

WayPoint Acupuncture provides health services based on the principles of Chinese Medicine; a system which has been developed and used in China to treat disease for thousands of years. Different methods may be used for treatment. Primarily I use acupuncture, but treatment may also include one or more of the following: tuina (a form of massage based on Chinese medicine theory), cupping (uses heated cups to create local suction on the skin), moxa (uses heat to stimulate acupuncture points) and guasha (a form of scraping massage).

What made you want to start your Business?

I was making a career change a few years back. I wanted to do something that would challenge me and something worthwhile. I had had an interest in acupuncture and herbal medicine for a number of years but wasn’t really considering it as a career. I decided to teach English overseas for a couple of years while I figured out what to do next. While I was in Malaysia I had some back problems and went for acupuncture treatments to help with that. I think that’s what made my mind up. Once that happened, I didn’t hesitate. So really, having back trouble was lucky. It helped me find my new career! And I really like doing what I do.

When did you join the Chamber of Commerce & how have we helped?

I joined the Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago, in 2016, when I opened my business. Matt Trask, who was the director at the time, was very welcoming and helpful. I was also nominated for a Chamber of Commerce award that year in the “Rising Star Business of the Year” category. The Chamber of Commerce has provided encouragement and been instrumental in connecting me with the greater Yarmouth business community.

How can your Business be reached?

Call or text me at 902-471-8331, find me on Facebook @stylostixist or check out my website for more information WayPointAcu.com