East Roofing Interview

Yarmouth Chamber Corner – Get to know one of our members, Adam Randall from East Roofing!

What does your business provide?

East Roofing serves South-West Nova Scotia with all roofing solutions. From flat roofs to steep roofs, roof repairs and consolations. We offer asphalt, metal and rubber shingles, metal panels, EPDM and torch on flat roofs and also roof coatings.

What made you want to start your Business?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I like the thrill of taking risks, and I’ve always dreamed big. I’ve always enjoyed working with people, getting to know people, and am a bit of a people pleaser. It took me a while to gain the skills that I needed to be responsible for other peoples roofs, but I have worked for some of the best roofing companies across Canada and I needed that confidence before I started on my own.

When did you join the Chamber of Commerce & how have we helped?

I joined just over a year ago, The chamber has helped me in serval different ways, the biggest help was winning the rising star award last year, but also the chamber has helped me meet new people at their events, and keeps me up to date with what’s going on in the local business world with there emails and newsletters. And of course this blog.

How can your Business be reached?

Best way to reach us is by giving us a call at 902-774-3278, email admin(at)eastroofing(dot)com. We are located in the old Brooklyn Trailer Park that we just acquired and we are renaming the park “Tiny home makers”….