Lil Jems Interview

Yarmouth Chamber Corner – Get to know one of our members, Jodi Mackinnon-Leblanc from Lil’ Jems Early Learning Childcare Centre & Family Home Daycare! With the growing demand for childcare in our province, Lil’ Jems is currently looking for people that would consider offering in-home daycare. You’d be a self-employed child care provider and there is nothing more empowering than being your own boss!

What does your business provide?

Our business provides high-quality, diverse and inclusive learning and care experiences in both home environments and Classroom settings for children from birth to 12.

What made you want to start your Business?

After working in retail for many years, I realized that my passion for children and early learning would be an asset to the childcare sector. After suffering personal trauma involving my home burning and my mother passing away, I was given an opportunity to go back to school. There was no doubt in my mind that early childhood education was in my future. Through working with NSCC and CBDC, not only did I receive the training but I also received the supports and finances to open my own center.

When did you join the Chamber of Commerce & how have we helped?

I’ve been a member for a few years now and I have to say the biggest benefit of being a member when it comes to our Centre is the great medical plan! They also offer networking opportunities to interact with other small businesses and recognition for our efforts through nominations for awards! When I was nominated a few years back for a small business award, it gave me such confidence.

How can your Business be reached?

We can be reached through Facebook Lil Jems Family Home Daycare Agency, or by calling 902-749-6826.